Griptite Fasteners was established on the 01/04/1988.Our humble beginning started at
home and thereafter at 783 Umgeni Road .It was on the second floor of the building.
At first I did all the work by myself (ie) Repping, taking in orders, buying and delivering in
my little Honda Ballade, that I just bought from my previous employer.

For many years I have worked as an internal sales person in a bolt and nut and tools outlet ,
and gained much knowledge in the fastening and tool field .Being a self motivated person
more or less managed the company I worked for and was nicknamed DR Bolt.
When I started my enterprise in 1988 I did not know what to name the company so I
decided to call it Bolt and Nut Specialists , until one of my brothers who was instrumental
in getting me involved in this career in the first place, phoned me and asked me if I had
heard of a company called Griptight Bolt and Nut . I told him that I had not and so he said
well that's you. Taking the word GRIP and adding the word TITE (deriving from a fasteners
called TAPTITE) I got GRIPTITE and added FASTENERS instead of Bolt And Nut to give it
a broader spectrum .

The emblem that you see on all the documents speaks for itself in that
the name GRIPTITE FASTENERS on a card is gripped tight between a bolt and nut. As a
few months went by working on my own, with just some empty shelves and a little table and
telephone, I came to First National Bank in Berea Road in 1988 and Mrs Horsfield ,that was
the manageress at the time opened an account under GRIPTITE FASTENERS.I employed
one staff and a few months later I employed another. Griptite specialized in chipboard
screws with the help of a Johannesburg company that gave me the agency in Durban.
Chipboard screws became so popular that everyone was importing this commodity and
because of no working capital we were unable to import. Later we moved to 771 Umgeni
Road with a shop front and built a counter and display boards and built more clientele. As
the year went by we, by the grace of God, jumped from one level to another.

Now in the twentieth year of our business my desire is to create more jobs and build our
own premises. I am sure that 2009 is going to be hopeful and we will be able to reach
our goal .We now moved to 6 Wavemore Place Grove End Phoenix 4068 and give our customer the priviledge to visit
us .The company has also added chemicals to our range of products under the banner
of NOVA CHEMICALS & DISTRIBUTORS, All drill bits go under the banner of NOVA

1. We will strive to satisfy the needs of our customers.

2. To give the customer the best deal.
3. To understand our customer needs and to have a mutual and beneficial relationship

with both customers and suppliers.
With all that said and done we want you to grip it tight with GRIPTITE.